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Pencil Grips Plus

Handwriting is an essential skill for students. Unfortunately for many students, especially those with physical or intellectual impairments, their writing can be poor in legibility, slow, and they can suffer from cramps and hand pains. This can affect their academic achievement, and their confidence. Often this relates to poor pencil grip pattern. Handwriting can be assisted in many cases by altering the pen grip.

Enter a great Aussie site for pen grip and handwriting products.

Hills Family Physio runs a handwriting program for kids focusing on handgrip. If a physical or intellectual impairment is involved we provide an NDIS funded program.

Special Tip: The Crossover Pencil Grip is one of the most common problems in hand writing. A Grotto Grip is useful when students cross the thumb over the pen.









Review of Products

The Crossover Grotto Grip discourages crossover of the thumb around the fingers.

This encourages a pincer or tripod pattern where the thumb thumb opposes to the index and middle fingers

The thumb tip is very sensitive and allows fine control of the pen.

This should reduce force required and prevent fatigue and cramps


Wrist Widget


Are you suffering from a TFCC injury or Ulnar sided wrist pain?

For treatment of ulnar sided wrist pain, TFCC injuries and ECU tendon subluxation.

Have you heard about the WristWidget?

The WristWidget is designed to reduce wrist pain associated with grip and wrist motion, including rotation and weight bearing.

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  • Small and comfortable
  • Does not interfere with wrist motion
  • No irritation to the skin or wrist joint
  • Fully adjustable
  • Made from non elastic material and moulds comfortably with use
  • Able to continue sports and normal activities with it on.
  • Velcro closure
  • Washable
  • Lasts for several months
  • UNIQUE – not like any other brace